Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Protecting Your Kitchen, Preserving Your Business

In every restaurant, there's a pivotal area where all the meals originate, yet it's also the most susceptible to potential fires. Thanks to Amerex's cutting-edge automatic fire suppression system, we can effectively manage these challenging situations in commercial kitchens, preventing them from escalating. This system seamlessly shuts off both the gas supply and electrical current, simultaneously triggering an alert to your existing fire alarm, promptly notifying the local fire department for a rapid response. This innovative solution ensures enhanced safety and protection in your establishment.

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Holmes Fire & Safety takes pride in being a trusted distributor and installer of Amerex's top-tier automatic restaurant fire suppression systems. With Amerex's cutting-edge advancements in automatic fire suppression, we're able to install fewer nozzles placed higher up, allowing for unobstructed cooking operations. In the event of a kitchen fire escalation, our system can be activated automatically or manually discharged, guaranteeing the safety of your facility and employees. Count on us for enhanced fire protection solutions.


Compliance with fire protection codes is crucial for the safety of your restaurant. Our expert technicians are licensed to conduct thorough inspections of restaurant fire suppression systems every six months as required by code. They meticulously clean and replace all necessary components, ensuring optimal functionality. This includes a comprehensive functional test to verify that the system promptly alerts the local fire department as intended. Don't leave your safety to chance - reach out to us today to schedule your routine inspection and ensure your restaurant is well-protected.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression System In Action

Restaurant Fire Suppression System | Spec Sheet
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We are the solution to keeping your business compliant with the latest fire protection codes.

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