About Us

About Us

Decades of Dedication to Your Safety

Holmes Fire & Safety boasts a rich legacy of over 50 years, faithfully serving Holmes County, Ohio and neighboring counties. From its modest beginnings as a one-man operation, it has flourished into a thriving establishment in Berlin, Ohio. Paul Yoder's original vision of fire extinguisher servicing has been faithfully upheld by his son, Allen Yoder. Now, the third generation proudly continues to expand our services from those humble roots. For us, this work is more than just a job; it's a responsibility we hold dear. Our technicians undergo rigorous and ongoing training, ensuring they stay current with their licenses accredited by the Ohio State Fire Marshal. We take pride in our role in enhancing the safety and fire protection of this community, and we're dedicated to making it an even safer place day by day.

Our Team of Professionals

A Devoted Team Ensuring Your Safety

a man in a blue shirt is smiling named Allen Yoder
Allen Yoder
Owner | 2nd Generation
a man in a blue shirt is smiling named Marvin Miller
Marvin Miller
Owner | 3rd Generation
a man wearing glasses and a hat named Dondi Fitch
Dondi Fitch
a man in a blue shirt and hat named Tom Lemon
Tom Lemon
a man wearing glasses and a polo shirt named Wilbur Miller
Wilbur Miller
a woman wearing a blue dress named Marlene Beachy
Marlene Beachy
a woman wearing glasses and a black shirt named Annie Yoder
Annie Yoder

A Glimpse Into Our Past

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