Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System

Reliable Protection, Rapid Response

Repeatedly, fire sprinkler systems have proven to be invaluable protectors of commercial buildings, saving business owners substantial sums in property loss. These systems wield a profound influence in extinguishing fires, especially when occupants are absent or when a fire surpasses the capacity of a fire extinguisher. They grant firefighters the capability to connect their tanker truck to an exterior hookup and supply the fire sprinkler system without needing to enter the building. When weighed against the protection it affords, investing in a fire sprinkler system is a minor expense. It stands as a crucial safeguard for your business and assets.

a large red sprinkler pipe system in a building


Embarking on a new commercial building project that requires a fire sprinkler system as part of its fire protection? Look no further - reach out to us to kickstart this essential project. Whether you require a foam or water system, we have the expertise to ensure you're fully compliant and equipped with the necessary safeguards tailored to your specific hazards. Don't delay, let's get your project underway!


Holmes Fire & Safety holds full licensing to conduct regular inspections of your fire sprinkler system. In the event of a fire, you need the assurance that your system will perform precisely as intended. Outdated, non-compliant, or malfunctioning sprinkler systems can lead to substantial losses. From thorough fire pump testing to confirming the functionality of sprinkler heads, we handle every aspect, ensuring your safety measures are in top-notch condition. Don't leave your protection to chance – trust our expertise to safeguard your facility.

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sprinkler system tanker hookupWater tank for fire sprinkler systemsprinkler head from ceiling

We are the solution to keeping your business compliant with the latest fire protection codes.

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