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Fire Extinguishers

Your First Line of Defense Against Fire

From the inception of the first recorded and patented fire extinguisher in 1723, these devices have stood as a straightforward yet highly efficient solution to combat various types of fires. Over the years, advancements in design and effectiveness have led to the preservation of countless lives and properties. As your trusted source for fire safety equipment, we offer a diverse range of fire extinguishers, from convenient handheld options to robust wheel-mounted units. No matter the nature of the hazard you face, we have a tailored solution to safeguard what matters most to you. Choose us for top-tier fire protection.

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ABC High Flow

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Water Mist

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Class K

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Class D

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Halon 1211

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Halotron I

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Halotron BRX

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Purple K

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Holmes Fire & Safety is a trusted Amerex dealer, offering a complete range of fire extinguishers designed to address various types of fire hazards. You can visit our retail store in Berlin, Ohio, or stay updated by following us on our social media platforms, where you can find us at local trade shows. We're here to meet all your fire extinguisher needs, whether for your business, farm, or home.


According to NFPA 10, it is mandatory to have a licensed technician service all fire extinguishers every six years (with some types requiring more frequent servicing). This process entails a thorough disassembly of the fire extinguisher, removal of the extinguishing agent, a meticulous examination of the cylinder for any signs of rust or damage, a comprehensive cleaning of all components, followed by a recharge. This procedure is a vital measure to guarantee the operational readiness of your fire extinguisher in case of a fire emergency.

Holmes Fire & Safety's in-house service capabilities ensure the highest quality of service and swift turnaround times for your fire extinguisher needs.

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Holmes Fire & Safety offers professional fire extinguisher installation services. Our licensed technicians are equipped to install fire extinguishers based on your new construction blueprints, or they can assess the hazards in your facility and install the extinguishers in accordance with the necessary codes.

We are the leading fire extinguisher supplier serving Holmes, Wayne, Stark, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Knox, Ashland Counties, as well as additional surrounding counties. From Berlin, Ohio, to the shores of Lake Erie, we've got all your fire extinguisher needs covered.


Holmes Fire & Safety takes the responsibility of ensuring fire safety seriously. Our annual fire extinguisher inspections, in accordance with NFPA 10 regulations, are a critical part of this commitment. While monthly inspections are mandated for commercial facilities, they don't necessitate a licensed technician. However, our specialized service offers an added layer of security for your business, allowing you to focus on your core operations. By entrusting us, you can be confident in your compliance with code, even in the event of an OSHA or local fire marshal visit. Blocked or infrequently inspected fire extinguishers can lead to citations from OSHA. Let us help you maintain the highest safety standards and avoid unnecessary risks.

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Fire Safety Training

Elevate your workplace safety with Holmes Fire & Safety's essential fire protection training, mandated by OSHA. Empower your team with hands-on fire extinguisher training or opt for an informative presentation on fire safety protocols, including proper extinguisher use and emergency response strategies. Contact us today to prioritize your employees' well-being and compliance with crucial safety standards. Don't leave fire safety to chance—equip your team with the knowledge they need to respond confidently in the event of an emergency.

Training Programs
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We are the solution to keeping your business compliant with the latest fire protection codes.

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